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Only a true account of the last days. We are a married couple late 50's most of the summer at our home in France. In reality they are swingers, but we had a young couple with four companions, they call Sarah and Gary, for a period of a few years. Then go wrong for them began, Gary decided to divide and Sarah was thrilled. Earlier this week, went to stay with us for a few days of rest and time to think. After unpacking, they were catching up with the news and had a barbecue lunch by the pool with some pink champagne - and then began to talk about sex, I wanted to play with freexcafe us, or just relax and unwind? Sarah said she was very briefly about sex and therefore wanted as possible from one or two of us ( the ferns freexcafe are a little bi) to be fucked. My wife totally surprised me say that I take with Sarah and give them what they wanted at that time - that would come later, when he pleased. I saw Sarah, she smiled and freexcafe said simply: 'That would be lovely '. I asked my wife if she was okay and she replied :' Who suggested it? ' Sara went to her bedroom and pulled her bikini and naked, her pert tits with hard puffy nipples, her flat freexcafe belly and her shaved pussy perfectly crowned. My cock was like steel, and started playing with it, with the intention of making a couple of times before fucking she jumped on the bed and said. 'Please fuck me hard just, I'm thinkig wet on it and can be directly to me ' sexy a. always obedient, it knees up I said - I know she likes it like that - and pushed my fat 8 inches directly in it - was soaked freexcafe - and I threw it as hard as I could for freexcafe about five minutes before stopping or had occurred. it I was screaming with joy and I really wanted to take longer, so I went and made him lie down in bed. the short break has helped me regain control, and when switching between the legs she grabbed my cock and pulled it up to her pussy. I'm usually pretty GEntle go to a woman like my penis is very thick and usually takes a while to become comfortable, but Ann said softly, 'Fuck me hard and come to me,' so I asked him what he had and put to cock one time. After getting a few minutes of hard fucking with Sarah pulling her hips on my cock deeper into it, could not stand any longer and shot loads into it. After a few minutes the rest of the time he got up, put on the bikini, said: ' Thanks, that was great hope that we can do more' and turned to the pool. I put my pants again, and when I approached the freexcafe pool, I saw Sarah bow and kiss my wife lightly on the forehead. 'Thanks,' she said, ' that was exactly what I needed and it was good of you to do it' seemed My wife smiled and said : 'It appears that you have happy customers,' ' I hope so, ' I replied , ' but it was very fast,' said Sarah, ' Well, it was nice to me, thank you both. ' We laughed and my wife said, 'you must make sure Sarah gets all the sex you need -. only a few days, ' I promised to try to keep them happy, and freexcafe I did everything I could, grabbed us violently in the morning for a short, sharp sex ( Sarah prefers ), and I spent the first half of each night was bed with Sara, long foreplay, relaxed and damn time, (my choice). Every morning, Sara and my wife a kiss and a hug, thanks to Sara, to care for their needs. that really can not understand why Gary does not want to say to a woman so sexy, but for me, there are plenty of life in France under the sun!
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